Game review: Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy, much like Family Restaurant, is a time management game similar to Cooking Mama. You are given a set of cooking instructions, such as chop the carrot or fold the pastry, to complete within the set time limit. When the recipe is finished, you are graded on how well you prepared it. As much as I don't like cooking, this was actually pretty fun. It's not as difficult as Cooking Mama since everything is controlled by the mouse yet it was more enjoyable than Family Restaurant. The instructions are very basic so anyone should be able to understand them easily. I was able to make all of the appetizers and most of the breakfast dishes with no less than a C grade. And I'm pretty bad at games like this! For some reason, I can never get the little line to stop in the green spot, which means I end up burning a lot of food.

While I didn't let my daughter play this one, I think kids might enjoy this game as well as adults. I know my daughter likes Cooking Mama on the Wii and this was definitely easier than trying to manipulate the Wiimote into doing things like stirring a pot. Unfortunately for them, their parents will find the game too fun to share!