Game review: Cooking Quest

I have played a lot of hidden object games but none of them have been as weird as Cooking Quest. It actually mixes a hidden object game with a tiny bit of time management in an attempt to make it interesting. As with most hidden object games, you are given a level and a list of objects to find. In each list, there is at least one object that you need to make the food item you picked. Once you gather all the items in each level, you need to cook the food and serve it. However, they don't tell you which objects go together and which go to which cooking device. So you may, for example, have a knife, some onions and some carrots. The knife will only work on one of those and it doesn't tell you which. The same goes for the cooking devices. You might have a steak, an oven and a pan on a stovetop but it won't tell you which device needs to be used to cook the steak. It makes that part of the game annoying.

In the hidden object part, the items are difficult to find. Some of the items are hidden behind other ones so you might only see the tip of an item you need. I'm not sure why these games have started leaning toward this trend but it's not fun. It's annoying when you need to use a hint because you can't find an object only to find that's because it's hidden behind something else! Put them all out in the open. Make the game fair.

I can't say I'll play this game again. There are way too many other hidden object games that are a lot better.