Game review: Detective Stories: Hollywood

Considering I'm a big fan of movies and a huge fan of hidden object games, I figured that Detective Stories: Hollywood would be a shoo-in for a good review. Sadly, it is not. The hidden object aspects of the game are pretty good. A lot of them revolve around trying to find and match an object to its outline. It's slightly more difficult than finding items on a list but it makes the game more interesting. Where the game lacks is the mini-games in between the hidden object parts. I am still stuck on a game that I can't solve and I can't pass. More than anything, I find this extremely frustrating. If a developer wants to add these mini-games to make the overall game more interesting, fine, but code in a work-around too. I'm sure I'm not the only one that sucks at those types of puzzles.

Otherwise, it's a pretty nice game. Too bad the mini-games ruined it.