Game review: Dirty Dancing

When I first saw the Dirty Dancing game on Big Fish Games, I shuddered. What sort of game could they make based on an 80s movie? Would it be any good? Despite my worries, I downloaded the trial to see for myself. The game is basically a bunch of mini-games thrown together in the Kellerman's setting. You go between the various cabins playing all sorts of games. There's a hidden object game where you have to not only find the objects on the list but also find keys for drawers because some of the objects are hidden are even more hidden. Another of the mini-games is a sort of matching card game. Instead of being a typical memory game, you have to figure out the pattern for matching the cards or you'll still have cards left in your hand. There's also a difficult time management game. You are given four employees that have to help the customers in all aspects of checking into the hotel. Everything from walking them into the hotel, checking them in, showing them their room, cleaning the room afterwards and showing the customer to their car. It's really difficult to keep everything going with just four employees and the flood of customers that walk in. If you don't get to the customer IMMEDIATELY, they get pretty ticked.

I think there are 10 mini-games total. While I played most of them, the games just aren't very interesting. You have to play each of the games over and over in order to "win" that particular cabin so you can move onto the dance lessons with Johnny. Unfortunately, the game just isn't as much fun as it should be. There's nothing dirty or dancing about it. They could have named it Camp Kellerman and the vibe of the game wouldn't change any.