Game review: Doggie Dash

Yet another game from the makers of Diner Dash. This time around it's Doggie Dash. You play one of two new business owners, Walter or Scarlett. The two have joined forces to open a pet grooming store. It is your job to make the pets pretty while growing your business. This game plays a lot like Paradise Pet Salon. You start out with two bath stations, two cutting stations and two ribbon stations. Since you already have all the tools you need for the business, you simply need to upgrade them each level. Yes, you can even upgrade the employees so they will move faster. In some of the higher levels, you can purchase items to keep the pets/customers happy while they wait their turn.

I found the beginning levels very easy to play. A little too easy, really. I was able to get gold stars on every level, which is nice but a little tedious after awhile. I want to be able to really work to get the gold star. However, this is off-set by the next store level being rather difficult. I'm actually stuck in the game because there are too many pets coming in and none of my stations move fast enough to accommodate them before they get angry. Perhaps I need to start the entire level over again so I can re-upgrade the stations but that's a little ridiculous. You should be able to pass a level no matter which stations you choose to upgrade first.

Looking at it in a general sense, the game is just OK. I think it just needs a few tweaks before it can be a great game. Instead of just being able to upgrade the stations, give the option to add a third station when the customer load gets heavy. Stop having so many cranky pets that require immediate attention before they leave the store. Get rid of the pieces to entertain the customers. The employees don't have time to use them anyway. Or, even better, add an additional employee to help with the overload. The game would be a lot better with just a few of these little changes. Until then, I'll stick with Diner Dash instead.