Game review: Farm Mania

I was told about Farm Mania at the beginning of this month. However, I really wanted to play the game for awhile before I talked about it. After all, this seemed like a game that could go either way. Well, I've now played the game for around two weeks and I think I'm ready to open up.

At first, I was very hesitant to play Farm Mania. I have so much love for Farm Frenzy that I was afraid this would ruin the whole farming time management genre for me. Luckily, my fears were unwarranted. Reallore Studios has a hit on their hands.

You play Anna, a girl trying to help get her grandparents' farm back on its feet. Throughout the game, you will plant crops, raise animals and sell a variety of goods while trying to keep crows and rabbits from destroying your work. Both of your grandparents help out so you aren't totally left on your own to tend the farm.

I am still having tons of fun playing this. Granted, it gets harder to juggle everything as you get into the higher levels but, to be honest, that is what keeps the game fun - deciding what pieces are really important to keep up with and what pieces can be ignored for a little while. Definitely give this one a try. You won't regret it!