Game review: Fashion Craze

About a month ago, I talked about Fashion Fits!, a game that sounded it would be about fashion design but was more of a time management game. I recently played Fashion Craze, which is a lot more like a designer game even though it is still a time management game. In the game, you play Maria, a young woman helping out at a clothing store. There are the normal time management game objectives: seating customers, making sure they are happy and taking their money. The customers tell you which color fabric they want and which clothing item they want. So, this time around, instead of just picking out pre-made merchandise, your character is cutting the specified color fabric and taking it to the sewing machines for the seamstress to put together.

I think this makes the game a lot more difficult. Instead of just having a couple of things for your girl to do, there is tons more. You have to seat the customer, get toys for any kids, get the fabric they want, take it to the seamstress, get the accessories the customers want, put the customers in the dressing rooms then take their money when they are happy. When you have more than two or three customers at once, it can get extremely difficult to juggle everything while making sure their happiness bars still have life in them. It's still a very fun game. I enjoyed seeing the different looks that the customers picked out. There were a lot of funny ones. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes time management games but might be looking for something a little bit different.