Game review: Flower Stand Tycoon

I used to enjoy playing Tycoon games. Yes, I purchased Monopoly Tycoon many years ago. Flower Stand Tycoon sounded like it might be a bit of fun. However, the game isn't like any Tycoon game I've ever played. You don't purchase new flowers. Heck, you don't even purchase the places where you sell flowers! Here you are a meager flower salesperson, traveling to various locations to try to beat your competitors. Every location where you have a higher rating than your competition, that area turns your color. The goal is to get as many squares to turn your color as possible. Oh, and you want to keep them your color.

I actually found this game quite boring. I guess I was looking for something a bit more exciting. It's difficult to steal your competitor's locations while making sure you visit your locations enough to keep them. You only get new flowers when you spend enough money "researching" them. Why should we need to research flowers? We should be able to just buy them! I think there was a possibility for a good game here but it definitely should not have been under the Tycoon name.