Game review: Haunted Hotel

Haunted Hotel is basically a hidden object game. However, between each hidden object level, there are a variety of mini-games you need to play before you can move onto the next level. The mini-games range from catching energy balls to a match three game to moving pieces of rope so they don't overlap and more. I had fun playing the hidden object parts of the game. In each location, there are three bonus items you can find that will give you additional time. These bonus items are not named, like the rest of the objects. You have to match the shadow with the item. As for the regular list of items, they are just difficult enough to make the game fun but not so difficult that you get aggravated.

The mini-games, however, are another story altogether. Personally, I'm not very good at the rope game. I never have been. So it annoyed me that I had to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out and there isn't any way for me to skip it. Most of the other mini-games aren't particularly difficult, they are just annoying. Especially if you downloaded the game aiming for a hidden object game.

As a whole, Haunted Hotel wasn't bad. It would just be nice if we could skip past the mini-games and move to the hidden object games. I understand why they were put there but they are completely unnecessary.