Game review: Home Sweet Home

Earlier this month, I talked about a fashion designer game. Well, now there is an interior decorating game called Home Sweet Home. As a brand new decorator, it is your job to design the client's room while keeping their tastes in mind. This game is a lot more open-ended than Fashion Fits! was. Here you only get a few hints about your client's tastes and the rest is up to you. You pick out all of the furniture and accessories for the room. There is a happiness meter that you need to fill in order to keep your client happy but otherwise, as long as you stay within your budget, it's all up to you.

I found the game to be very fun. A lot of time management games get boring because they tell you exactly what to do. Exactly what shirt the customer wants, exactly what color, exactly everything. This opens it up to your imagination. You even get your own house to decorate however you want. If you enjoy decorating, this game is definitely for you.