Game review: Jane's Realty

The Jane's Hotel series has yet another sequel. This time, in Jane's Realty, Jane is helping her husband run a real estate business. While it is completely different from the first two games, is it any good? In short, not really. The first two "Jane" games were time management, hotel-themed games where you were assisting customers with their wants. I'm not even sure I could classify this one as a time management game. There are no customers for you to serve but each level does have a few goals. At the start of each level, you need to purchase land and build both an electric and a water company. From there, you can start to build houses but you can only build so many before you need to upgrade the companies. Of course, all of this requires money, which you can only get by renting the houses you build. Needless to say, I didn't get far in the game before this stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't raise enough money to finish all of my goals so I couldn't pass the level. I've played the level five different times and I still can't figure out the key to passing it. And I'm not even halfway through the game!

In all honesty, Realore Studios should take Jane back to the time management game. She can move up from the hotel business. Give her a casino business perhaps. Or, if they really want to keep her in the realty business, take a tip from Build-A-Lot or even Build in Time. The key time management elements need to rule the game.