Game review: My Exotic Farm

My Exotic Farm is a real-time simulation farming game. You begin your exotic farm with a single ostrich. It is your job to build a big farm with happy animals. I found this game to be very annoying. Since it is in real time, everything goes extremely slowly unless you pump up the speed. Once your animals are fully fed and happy, there isn't a whole lot for you to do except wait for them to get hungry again. You can resell the animals once they grow a bit but I kept having to buy expensive food for the more expensive animals so it was really difficult to get ahead. Personally, I ended up just buying a bunch of ostriches. They lay eggs that you can sell in the market. Granted, they don't sell for a lot of money but it's enough to keep your animals fed for awhile. But, really, the game was just too boring to keep my attention for long. I'd rather spend my time on The Sims.