Game review: Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate

The Mystery Case Files series is what got me into hidden object games. My daughter and I frequently play Ravenhearst together. So I was ecstatic when I saw a new MCF game called Madame Fate. In this version of the game, you are helping Madame Fate, a fortune teller at a carnival, who has foreseen her own death. You have to figure out which of the quirky carnival workers is slated to kill her and stop them. All in a day's work, right?

This game was a little more difficult than the other MCF games. In some levels, there are objects you need to put together to form a whole object on your list. For example, you might be searching for an ice cream cone. In order to get one, you need to put the scoop of ice cream on an empty cone. There are also hidden areas in some areas of the carnival. They are usually easy to find as the "hidden door" does this glowy-blinky thing. The final puzzle of each level is a different form of hidden object puzzle. Instead of having an entire list of things to find, you are given a multitude of two objects. For example, you may need to find 10 letter Ms and 10 musical notes in one scene.

True to its form, I did enjoy Madame Fate. The end-of-level puzzles were rather difficult as many items are hidden in shadows but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. I hope that I'll get some time to play through it more to see how the higher levels are.