Game Review: Restaurant Empire

I turned on GameTap the other day, which is rather rare for me, and decided to give one of the simulation games a try. Restaurant Empire seemed to be the best choice at the time. You have just graduated culinary school and are about to take over your uncle's restaurant. From the furniture and design of the restaurant to customizing the food you serve your customers, the future of the family business is in your hands. There are some good and bad things about this game. I like that you get a lot of control with the culinary recipes. You can change up the minor ingredients to change how the food tastes but that also takes the chance that your customers will hate it. On the other hand, you don't seem to get a lot of control on the floor of the restaurant. I frequently had customers complaining that their food was taking too long. Meanwhile I had a ton of servers but I couldn't hire any more cooks. I'm assuming my guy can only cook so fast. There should be a better way to deal with customer complaints. I know I can't make all of them happy but the complaints that I can fix seem to be extremely difficult to fix on the first level.

I'll probably keep playing it for awhile to see if it gets any better. I passed the first few levels though I imagine the challenges will get harder in the later levels. Hopefully the game will help a bit more with the waitstaff and customer complaints.