Game review: Scrapbook Paige

At first, Scrapbook Paige looked like a game that I could play with my daughter. Unfortunately, it is just a little bit too difficult for her. You play Paige, a woman that makes scrapbooks for other people. Your job is to find all of the little pieces that might be needed for the next scrapbook. Then you need to match stickers to their shapes in order to create the actual scrapbook. The scrapbook section of the game is pretty easy. It's the hidden object part that can be difficult. In each location, there are a number of drawers that hold various things that scrapbookers use - stamps, jewelry pieces, etc. You need to find the list of objects within those drawers and each location has one piece that needs a riddle to be solved before it can be found. It is an interesting concept but it was just a little too much.