Game review: Solitaire Hop!

I am really not good at games that require a lot of thought. Well, no. That's an incorrect assessment. When I play a video game, I'm usually doing it to relax so I don't want to play something that requires a lot of thought. However, I received an email asking me to try Solitaire Hop. I love receiving game suggestions so I gave it my best. My best sucked a lot.

Here is the game's description: Your favorite elements of Solitaire and Sudoku come crashing together in Solitaire Hop! You'll need lateral thinking and strategy to master "Solitaire Hop!"'s simple mechanic. Take 30 seconds to learn the rules and you'll be hooked!

I love Solitaire. I tend to break it out whenever I'm really bored. Sudoku though? Not so much. It's an OK game but I have other things I'd rather waste my time playing. But I'm not a terrible Sudoku player so I figured this wouldn't be too bad. As it turns out, I am so not the target audience here.

Let's see if I can describe the game. You are given a spread of cards. In order to clear the spread, you need to "hop" the cards next to each other but whether a card is "hoppable" depends on the card's value. You can only hop a card of equal or lower value than your selected card. This is where my problem lies. I can easily find cards of equal or lower value but then you get stuck if you have a card with nothing next to it. So instead of clearing the spread, I end up with an array of cards that aren't next to each other so they can't be cleared. It's just too much thought for my little brain. Perhaps I'd enjoy it if I was a bigger fan of Sudoku. (Sudoku fans? Give the game a try and let me know what you think!) I'll probably poke at the game some more over the next few days but I can't imagine that this will be something I'd add to my list of favored games.