Game review: The Nightshift Code

My daughter really enjoys playing hidden object games with me. So I loaded up The Nightshift Code for us to try out. Of course, I always start off by telling her that the game may be too difficult for her and to let me know if it is. For the most part, Nightshift is a typical hidden object game. However, in the higher levels, the game tries to up the difficulty level by giving you a list of objects that can be found in multiple rooms. You have to click between different locations just to finish one list. The problem there is that the list doesn't tell you which room it goes to. So you end up spending a lot of time looking for objects that may not be in the room you are in! I didn't find it particularly difficult but it was very annoying.

I did enjoy some of the mini-games. One, for example, had a puzzle where an object would represent a word in a sentence. The game gives you multiple sentences and you have to figure out which object goes with each word. It was slightly difficult but just enough to make it fun instead of aggravating. I wish that there were more of these types of puzzle games available.