Game review: Val'Gor - Dark Lord of Magic

A couple of days ago, I played Val'Gor - Dark Lord of Magic. This is a Spot The Differences game with a couple of mini-games tossed in. Some of the mini-games include putting a puzzle together and word searches. I really did not like this game. As a matter of fact, I disliked it so much that I didn't even finish the 60-minute trial version. I quit at about the 30-minute mark. Some of the Spot The Differences parts aren't too bad but some of the levels are almost impossible. There are "cursed" levels where Val'Gor shows up and makes both pictures pitch black. While this makes a hidden object game a little more difficult, it makes trying to find differences between two pictures impossible. You have to memorize the pictures in order to figure out where the little tiny difference is. And since the difference is usually a shadow, the blackness of the level makes it frustrating to play. There must be some other way to make this type of game fun and exciting without driving the player away.