Game review: Vogue Tales

Vogue Tales is a wacky fashion-themed time management game. You play fashion designer Wendy. Her grandmother sent her a mysterious gift but before she could open it, a thief stole the gift and her favorite dummy. Wendy must raise enough money to go to London to get her stuff back. Once again, this is a game where the customers choose the type and color for the piece of clothing they want. Wendy takes the design to the fabric, where it is magically sewed, then hands the clothes to the customer. There isn't anything particularly difficult about the game. Though it can be a challenge to keep the customers happy. You can buy upgrades for help you keep their hearts full.

Personally, I'd like to see a little more variety in the time management genre. While the general themes are slightly different, the gameplay is exactly the same. I'm ready for something amazing to come along and make me love the genre all over again.