Game review: Wedding Dash

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Diner Dash, the restaurant game featuring everyone's favorite waitress, Flo. You seat customers (preferably matching the color of their clothes to the color of the seat), take their order, bring them their order then give them their bill and clean up the dirty dishes. There are three separate games in the Diner Dash world, all involving Flo saving restaurants from imminent closure, that feature different types of customers with different types of problems for our heroine to overcome. Wedding Dash is a new service-related game from PlayFirst, the publishers of Diner Dash. We are introduced to our new heroine, Quinn, in the midst of a friend's wedding planning breakdown. Quinn kindly offers to help her friend plan her wedding and off we are to start the game.

This is extremely similar to Diner Dash in that you are seating wedding guests, taking their presents to the happy couple and bringing them food. Luckily there are no dirty dishes to clean up since these tasks will keep you extremely busy, especially later in the game when the guests are requesting who they sit next to. As Quinn, your job is to handle the bigger problems - fighting bridesmaids, bad sound equipment, grill fires, etc. There is an unnamed waitress character that handles all of the guests needs. However, it is very difficult to keep juggling everything with just these two characters in the higher levels. In the second round, there are enough seats to handle about 10 guests but the waitress can only carry two things at once. If you don't figure out how to juggle the presents and food properly, you'll end up with a lot of angry guests. At the same time, Quinn can get overtaxed trying to handle the major problems. There are upgrades to try to offset the difficulty but I found that by Chapter 2, I was having problems keeping up with everything. I did find it to be a very enjoyable game despite getting aggravated that I was having problems by the end of the first chapter. If you liked Diner Dash, give this a try. You'll even get a cameo from the fabulous Flo!