Getting away from it all

This is my busy time of year at work. Of course, that leads me to daydreaming about doing something else with my life. I've been browsing a website of Edmonton Apartments wondering what it would be like to pick up and move somewhere completely different. When I was in my early 20s, I quit my job and moved 500 miles away to North Carolina on a whim. Granted, it was the worst financial decision I ever made. It took me quite a few years to dig myself out of the hole I was in. However, it was an awesome experience. I spent my lunch hour on the beach. I watched the sun set over the ocean on the weekends. (I don't get up early enough for sunrises.) Edmonton is probably too far north for me. I'd freeze my behind off. But it would be nice to live somewhere else for awhile. Life is way too stressful around here.

Has anyone else made a 'rash' decision to just up and move someplace else? Not just down the street or something like that. A whole new state or at least a city more than a few hours away. Was it good or did you have an awful time?