I know I am way behind everyone on this. My husband, my daughter, and I have started watching Glee on Netflix. They only have the first season up and we're about halfway through it now. I get why so many people like it. Not only is the music pretty good, it's also catchy and most people recognize the songs. Unfortunately, that is the only good thing about the show. The characters are annoyingly two-dimensional, which doesn't leave a whole lot for the actors to do between songs. Supposedly the glee club "needed" 12 members in order to participate in competitions. However, half of them are barely there. One of the characters is even referred to as "Other Asian." If you're going to bring in new characters, at least use them. In addition, the "plot" is only there to carry the characters to their next musical interlude. Almost everything in the show is based on lies and trickery. It would be nice if the show didn't use music as a crutch. Let the characters carry the plot. There are some great beginnings there. Stop forcing them into song just because they haven't sang for 10 minutes.

Even though I will continue to watch the show, I can't guarantee that I will ever actually like it. It's too big of a hit for them to make any changes to it now. And that is rather sad.