Here we go again

My weekend was completely packed. I took the instructor training for Hip Hop Hustle on Saturday. It's an extremely fun dance-fitness program but I was totally exhausted after the 8-hour course. It was also nice to see how different companies handle their training programs. Before this, I had only taken Zumba instructor courses. I think I like the way Powder Blue handles it better. (We got candy in our goody bags too!) Though, at the end of both trainings, I was ready to fall into bed by 7PM. On Sunday, my family took a trip to New Hope, PA. It's not too far from our house and it was a very nice day to be outside walking around. Not to mention that my muscles needed more than just sitting around the house. We bought quite a bit of candy - including chocolate covered bacon, chocolate covered Devil Dogs, and chocolate covered Twinkies. It'll take us awhile to get through all of it but the bacon wasn't too bad.

And now it's Monday. Back to the grindstone. I hope this week goes by fast!