Holiday! Celebrate!

26. Make Up Your Own Holidays

First, I would like to nominate my birthday, November 23, as a holiday. Unfortunately, it usually falls quite close to Thanksgiving so it gets overlooked a lot. We all know I hate the cold and making my birthday a holiday would brighten my spirits.

What other holidays would be good? There should be a National Nap Day. It doesn't necessarily mean you get the day off from work but you have to at least be able to take a nap during the day.

Maybe we can make Tabletop Day, a day of playing board and card games, more well-known. There are tons of people that love playing games but they don't even know Tabletop Day exists. (For the record, it's Saturday, April 5 this year.) It should definitely be a real holiday.

Finally, there should be a National Pet Adoption Day. You don't have to go adopt a pet but this would be aimed at getting people to stop buying puppy mill animals and showing them that adopting from shelters would be better. There wouldn't be a lame Sarah McLaughlin commercial or anything like that. It would be a fun family day. People shouldn't be guilted into adopting pets from shelters. It's an awful form of advertising. Oh, and the adoption agencies would also be a little more lenient on their policies. (When my family moved into our house, we had trouble adopting a dog because we had a cat. We ended up having to buy Bella from a breeder before we were able to adopt from a shelter.) It's a day to make pet adoption easier, not more difficult.