How I love games

7. Favorite Childhood Games/Tasks

Let's see...some favorites?

1. Red Light, Green Light 2. Red Rover (Hm, this is pretty much Red Light, Green Light, isn't it?) 3. Freeze Tag 4. Clue 5. Mall Madness ("Sale at the Chitchen Store!")

How about a list of my least favorite while we're at it?

1. Mouse Trap (too many pieces!) 2. Slip N' Slide (we had a chestnut tree that dropped these awful spiky things - the chestnuts are inside the awful spiky thing) 3. Monopoly (too long) 4. Simon (I can't remember that stuff!)

I can't think of any more. I used to really like this typing game that we had on our old Atari, Kids on Keys. (That was like 1983 or something.) Yes, I'm ancient. I know this. My mom and I also used to do some BASIC programming back in the day too. I don't remember a lot of it but I remember that we made a video game about vampires. Yeah, I was nerdy before nerdy was cool.