I am a rockstar!

25. Songs I'll Record For My Album

This one is interesting since I used to sing in an online cover group. We'd pick songs and record our lines to email to the mixer. Once the mixer was finished mixing everyone's lines with the background music, all of the songs would be released as an album. I haven't done a lot of solo singing though. Let's see....what would I put on a solo album....

Glamorous Sky by Nakashima Mika as Nana (her VEVO account only has short versions of her songs for some reason) Love Addict by Nakashima Mika I'll Remember by Madonna (her music company likes to make everyone disable the audio on her videos so I don't have a link for it) Dark Horse by Katy Perry (the radio version without the rap)

Hm. I really don't know what else. My husband is supposed to be fixing a laptop for me so I can record some more stuff so maybe one day I'll have an album. That would be cool.