I feel like there should be an evil chortle here

10. If I Ruled The World

If I ruled the world, eh?


If I ruled the world, universal healthcare would be a real thing that works the way it is supposed to. (And, see, since I'm ruler, people don't get to bitch about it, which would then fuck everything up, because I would get to tape their mouths shut or whatever.)

If I ruled the world, people would get to take time off of work for sicknesses and family emergencies and just to spend some time with their kids for once and not have to worry if they still have a job to come back to when everything is better. Yes, people would still have to work but it wouldn't consume their entire lives. Work to live, don't live to work.

If I ruled the world, paparazzi would leave famous people alone when they aren't being "famous." Meaning there wouldn't be someone hiding in the tree outside Angelina Jolie's house to try to get a picture of any member of her family. The famous people should be the ones to decide how much of their personal lives we see, not some creepy guy with a camera.

If I ruled the world, the fine arts would never be in danger of losing funding. Children in elementary school would be required to take some sort of fine art class in school - painting, an instrument, drama classes, sculpting...whatever. After elementary school, the classes would be optional but still available.

If I ruled the world, equal would mean EQUAL. For everybody.

If I ruled the world, the mentally ill would be taken care of properly. (See universal healthcare above. Yes, this includes mental health.) Addicts would be able to get help to stop being addicts. (See universal healthcare above. Yes, this still includes mental health.) Veterans would get the help they need for whatever their problems are. (See universal healthcare above. Also see Equal means EQUAL. Veterans get this stuff too.) As a result, the homeless population would decrease.

If I ruled the world, people would not suck. They would be properly educated (get out of my schools, Creationism), properly fed (equal meaning equal means people get paid equally...therefore people could actually afford to buy good nutritious food for their families), and properly mannered (hm. maybe we'll add a Manners class to the elementary school curriculum as well).

There is probably so many other things I would do. But, of course, I don't rule the world. And that makes me sad.