I need some new furniture

My house quite desperately needs new furniture. Our current couch is a terribly uncomfortable hand-me-down from my in-laws. There are way too many cushions and pillows for it, which usually end up on the floor for the dogs to lay on, and they make the 'main' cushions slide off the seat. I hate it. I'm tempted to send my husband pictures of some log furniture to replace it. Granted, most of it is way out of our price range. But wouldn't this look awesome next to all of our video game systems. It would be like Abe Lincoln transported to the future! We also need a new bed. Our bed is almost 15 years old and is seriously falling apart. As a replacement? BAM! "G'nite Paw!" Though my husband would probably say that bed isn't 'sexy' enough. Since when do beds need to be sexy? They need to be functional! This would probably be more to his taste. So boring.

He might regret not buying a new bed sooner.