I'm crafty!

I started making custom chalkboards recently. My daughter has a large pink one, I made an orange and white Clemson one for her teacher, and my husband's co-worker's daughter will be receiving a medium-sized pink one soon. (We just have to give it to her.) I never thought I'd have so much fun making them. Once I get a few more paint colors in, I'll be selling my chalkboards on etsy. I'm also going to start making some necklaces. I found a tutorial to make your own pendants so I will be making a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic necklace for my daughter once all of my supplies arrive. I can't wait!

The only down side of all this crafting is that I don't actually have space to work. Most of my work is done at my computer desk. The painting is done outside on my deck. I really need a crafting room so I have a lot of space to move around. Maybe one day.