It's been awhile

I have had so much going on over the past few weeks. My father was admitted to the hospital, my daughter had her annual dance recital, then I had surgery for a mass on the side of my neck. Everything is going pretty well, even though my father is still in the hospital. Oh, I have also opened an etsy store for the necklaces I have been making. You can find it here: I still have quite a few necklaces to make and I'm thinking about learning how to make chainmail jewelry as well. But first I have to finish recovering from my surgery. I am feeling well enough to be on my computer but not really well enough to do much. Since I dislike my house so much, I've been looking at duck homes in North Carolina. I did enjoy living in North Carolina when I was there many, many years ago. Perhaps, once my daughter is finished with school, we can think about moving down there. It might be nice.