J-actor mini bio: Nakama Yukie

Name: Nakama Yukie Birthday: 10/30/79 Height: 5'2" (160 cm) Weight: 101 lbs (46 kg)

Where do I know her from? Gokusen, Trick, Tokyo Wankei, Ringu 0: Basudei

Tell me some more! Nakama-san is also a singer. She has performed the theme songs for the anime Haunted Junction and the video game Megaman X4. Along with the Tokyo governor, Shintaro Ishihara, she was voted the most viewed personality on Japanese television.

What is your opinion of her? I think Nakama-san is a great comedic actress. I've often watched a series just because she was in it. While I haven't watched any of her dramatic roles yet, I believe that she could pull off a dramatic role just as well as she does her comedic ones.