Japanese news - Musical group edition

It's been awhile since I've posted any news from the world of Japanese entertainment. Let's take a peek to see what's been going on. Luna Sea will be getting back together for a one-night concert on December 24 at the Tokyo Dome. This will be their first concert since their Christmas 2000 performance at the Tokyo Dome. The band has said they have no plans to perform together after the one-time event.

This six-girl ska-punk group Oreska Band have wrapped up their time on the US Warped Tour. They will be staying in California to work on an upcoming and yet-unnamed Hollywood film.

The brilliant green have announced their first concert since their reunion will take place at Namba Hatch in Osaka on October 6. They recently released a new single five years after the group's break up.

m.o.v.e. will be performing their first European concert at the Connichi anime convention in Germany. The con will be taking place in Kassel, Germany from September 7 - 9.

Akanishi Jin, a member of Johnny's group KAT-TUN, will be starring in the upcoming drama "Yukan Club." The show, based on the popular manga of the same name, revolves around a group of high school students who form a club and end up solving mysteries in their spare time. This will be the first show for Akanishi without any of his fellow KAT-TUN members.