JDorama review: Densha Otoko (movie)

Title: Densha Otoko Translation: Train Man Release date: 6/4/05 Genre: Romantic drama Cast: Yamada Takayuki, Nakatani Mika Plot: A relationship between a pretty woman and an anime otaku blossoms after he saves her from a drunk man on a train. What is good: It really is a sweet story. What is bad: The television drama was better. Letter rating: C Overall: I think I might have liked this better if I hadn't watched the TV drama version of the story first. In the film, Yamada pulls off the geeky anime otaku better. However, I think that Ito Misaki was better as Hermes, the pretty woman on the train. This version of the story was very awkward. The main characters were understandably uncomfortable with each other but where the movie really failed was in the secondary 2chan characters. For example, there was a trio that kept comparing Densha's attempts at love with a war. It could have been a really great metaphor for the battle of the sexes. Yet it came off weird and unnecessary. While this wasn't awful, I'd rather watch the television drama any day.