JDorama review: Maou

Title: Maou Broadcast date: 7/4/08 - 9/12/08 Genre: Suspense drama Cast: Ohno Satoshi, Ikuta Toma Plot: Eleven years ago, Naoto (Toma) was involved in a fatal accident. Now someone is murdering those around him as revenge. What is good: Everything pieced together perfectly. What is bad: The supernatural parts felt slightly overused. Letter rating: A+ Overall: I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this. Ohno is known as being the Leader of the boy band Arashi. This was his first starring role in a drama so I semi-expected him to be bad. Surprisingly, he is an extremely talented actor and I never once had to suspend my belief in him. At the same time, Toma, who is commonly known as a comedic actor, held his own in the drama setting. This is a show that I feel everyone should watch.