Jdorama review: Rookies Special

Title: Rookies Broadcast date: 10/4/08 Genre: Sports, drama Cast: Sato Ryuta, Ichihara Hayato, Koide Keisuke Plot: The baseball team of Futakotamagawa high school has been banned from playing for six months after fighting on the field. Rookie teacher Kawato Koichi arrives with promises to help them achieve their dreams. Together, the group fights to get to the Koshien baseball tournament. What is good: It's a good recap of the story if you haven't watched the series. What is bad: There isn't anything new. Letter rating: D Overall: I didn't bother to read anything about the special before watching it. As a result, I was expecting a side story about one of the minor characters. Nope. This special is nothing but a two-hour rehash of the 11 episode series. I'm guessing this was supposed to get people ready for the movie's release. That way they could quickly introduce the story to new people and remind fans about what had already occurred. Unfortunately, when the special stands on its own, it is very boring. I can really only recommend it if you don't feel like sitting through the whole series. But then you'll miss all the little moments between Kawato and the team. Watch the series and skip the special.