Jdorama review: Shiawase ni Narou yo

Title: Shiawase ni Narou yo Also known as: Let's Be Happy Broadcast dates: 4/18/11 - 6/27/11 Number of episodes: 11 Genre: Romantic Comedy Cast: Katori Shingo, Kuroki Meisa, Fujiki Naohito Plot: Takakura Junpei (Katori) is one of the most successful advisors at a company that helps people find their marriage partners. Yanagisawa Haruna (Kuroki) is a beautiful yet heartbroken woman who suddenly decides to enter the company as a member. When Takakura falls in love with Yanagiawa, life turns topsy turvy. What is good: The path Takakura and Yanagisawa's relationship takes is slow but very realistic. What is bad: Some of the side characters were a little annoying. Letter rating: B

I am a big fan of Katori Shingo but I've never really watched any of his dramas. Luckily, I enjoyed it. I thought that all of the main actors did very well. Though, I have to admit that my favorite character was the bumbling Komatsubara Susumu played by Ohkura Koji. I almost wish he was the main characters of the series.

If you do decide to watch the show, keep in mind that it is about relationships. Therefore, the story doesn't progress particularly fast. Also, there are a few throwaway characters that are brought in to either cause problems or just fill some time. Neither of these problems are enough to keep the show from being entertaining.

Also, if you've watched Boss, keep an eye out for the cross-over collaboration. Boss will take over the drama world!