JDorama Reviews

I am planning on moving my Japanese drama reviews to TheGeekWithin.com. As a starter, I'd like to explain what JDorama is. JDorama is a (live action) Japanese drama television series. J is for Japanese and Dorama is a Japanese pronunciation of 'drama.' All of the major TV stations in Japan produce a variety of series. The series tend to run for three months per season. New dramas debut every season. There are morning/afternoon dramas that are broadcast daily and tend to run longer than the 'standard' three month season. A majority of dramas are evening dramas, which are broadcast weekday evenings between 8PM and 10PM with a new episode being shown once a week. If a drama is extremely popular, it will likely have a special episode after the run is over. Dramas cover every genre - comedy, horror, romance, detective series, spy series, historical - you name it, there's probably a jdorama for it.

I hope you will enjoy reading my reviews.