Jmusic review: Gackt - Farewell

Artist: Gackt Album: Diabolos Release date: 9/21/05 Video link: Gackt performing Farewell and Future on the televised version of his Diabolos tour

English translation by Mina-P: A silver crescent moon flutters down into my parched heart In this night without any moonlight, you tell me "you can walk even alone" Those words you gave to me, with kindness and warmth Turned the tears back into a smile on my face that was hung in dispair

When I'm sad, if I close my eyes, You're by my side

You refused to show your tears as you bid farewell And you gave me your same kind smile I will never forget that warmth

I smile even as the tears flow Even if this road comes to an end I'll unfurl my wings for you

The broad back that disappears into the fallen drops of the moon Teach me once more why I keep walking

I can keep walking without turning back Because you are always by my side

May my tears never spill over again Because I have decided not to go back Because that is the promise that we made that day

Even if the tears gather, the rain will wash them away Because if I ever get to see you again I want to be able to tell you that I surpassed you About the song: Gackt always has at least one song on every album that has very strong orchestrations. Farewell is one of those songs. Both the music and the lyrics give the impression of growing strong. The verses of the song give a feeling of sadness and loss but when the chorus kicks in, Gackt's voice gains strength and you can almost feel the forcefulness of the lyrics. In the background, the drums and guitar back this emotion up. During the verses, the guitar is almost nonexistent while the drums build up to the chorus where the guitar really takes over, giving the lyrics the wings they need to fly forth. This really is quite a powerful song.