Just a staycation for me

Every summer I wish we could afford to go away for vacation. Two summers ago, we did go to Williamsburg, Virginia. Last year, we stayed at home and hit up some local amusement parks. That is, once again, the plan for this year. While all of us really go enjoy going to Camelbeach, it would be nice to get away from home for a few days. It doesn't have to be a particularly difficult to plan trip either. There are some awesome waterparks in the United States that I'm sure my daughter would love. (My daughter prefers waterparks to amusement parks. For some reason, she just doesn't enjoy most rides.) Typhoon Lagoon in Florida is one of the parks on our water bucket list. There's also a park in Santa Claus, Indiana that I would like to visit. (After all, how can you miss a city called Santa Claus?!) My daughter would be perfectly happy just hanging out at waterparks all summer.

I'd also like to visit some other countries. I hear that London is an inexpensive trip. I'm sure we could find some good hotels in London that wouldn't break the bank. And since my daughter has recently gotten into watching BBC shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock, she might love seeing some of the locales from the series. Unfortunately, the flight itself might be a little too costly for us. (It's too expensive for us to fly to Florida for a week. I can't imagine what London would cost.)

Maybe one day we'll be able to afford a really nice vacation to someplace different. Until then, we'll be visiting all of the waterparks in Pennsylvania that we can.