Knight Rider

I probably should have talked about this earlier. Last week, my husband and I watched the Knight Rider movie on NBC. I thought it was a pretty good show. Yeah, people are going to complain about something but, you know what, the thing is based on a television series that was filled with cheese and impossible stunts. You can't really expect gold to come from anything Knight Rider related. One of our friends complained about KITT's car spoilers appearing when he went into "Action" mode. (I still prefer Super Pursuit Mode!) He said that the dual spoilers weren't necessary. However, KITT was doing around 200 mph. The car would need some sort of downdraft on the rear to keep it from spinning out all the time.

Anyway, I really hope they can spin this off into a television series. I liked that the KITT's new driver is Michael Knight's son. I like Val Kilmer's voice for KITT. I like that they changed KITT from just being bulletproof to having nanotechnology that allows him to fix himself when he's damaged. More please!