Making your own business cards

I decided to try to make some business cards for The Geek Within. My first problem was logo design. I don't really have one for the site. Luckily, LogoYes made it really easy for me to make a logo and stick it on some business cards. I started by going through their logo designs. There was a ton of them but they were divided by type. I, personally, picked a "Flair" logo. From there, you can pick the type of industry you are in. (I picked Arts & Entertainment.) I scrolled through the various logo designs and found a dragon design that I really liked. After adding some text, you have the option to change the size and colors of both the logo and the text. Then...well, that's it! You order your cards right from there. Quick and easy.

By the way, here is the design I chose: logoyes.gif

Pretty cool, huh? I can't wait to order some!