Married Johnnys and Melty Bananas

On Friday, September 28, Inohara Yoshihiko of V6 announced his engagement to actress Seto Asaka. At a V6 concert the very next say, Inohara announced that they couldn't wait to get married and registered their marriage that day. Rumor has it that they had been carrying around a filled-in registration form and once they saw the reaction to the engagement announcement, they decided the time was right. Japanese rock band Melt Banana has announced their US tour. They will be performing just about every day from October 17 through December 8. You can find their schedule on their official website.

Arashi member Sakurai Sho has been chosen as the main announcer for Fuji TV's broadcast of the 2007 Volleyball World Cup. The competition will last from November 2 through December 2.