Mobile web sites

Almost everyone owns a cell phone, right? A lot of those people use their phone to browse websites and send text messages. A lot of businesses are focusing on sms marketing to help their company grow. After all, if people will be using their cell phones to look at your website, which is basically your product, you want it to look as good as it possibly can. Since most websites are coded to look good on a computer monitor, they end up looking horrible on a tiny cell phone screen. It would be a great idea to format your website to accommodate those who use their cell phones as web browsers.

Premium SMS can help get your business marketed to the people who use their cell phones frequently in their daily lives. I know my husband uses his cell phone to surf the internet all the time. A lot of websites are difficult to use because the webpage is too large to fit on his screen. I love it when I have to use his phone to do something like look at a map and the website is formatted to accommodate someone on the road who might actually need the site. I just wish there were more companies that did that with their websites.