More hard drive space for me!

Sadly, I still haven't done anything worth writing about. Well, I suppose I can publicly thank my husband for getting me a 500GB external hard drive for Mother's Day. ^_^ I'm always complaining that I need more space for my music and jdoramas. Now that I have plenty of space, I just need time. Does anyone know how to add more hours into a day? For those of you that don't know, I take a dance class Wednesday nights. This year it is a jazz/hip-hop fusion class. I really enjoy it, but I'm thinking about switching to horseback riding instead. See, horseback riding works all of the muscle groups. Dance mostly works the legs. My goal is to get rid of my belly fat (without "fat burners" like apidexin) and I think a more rigorous activity would help. And I could do that early Saturday or Sunday morning, which gets it out of the way and leaves me all night to do whatever. I like nights better than mornings.