Movie review: Green Lantern

My husband and I got the chance to go to a screening of Green Lantern last night. Unfortunately, we had absolutely terrible seats. (We were the second row from the front on the left side of the screen.) As a result, the 3D effects were completely lost on us. Luckily, that didn't effect my enjoyment of the film.

For those of you that know nothing about Green Lantern, here is your Cliffs Notes version. Hal Jordan is an irresponsible test pilot. He comes across a dying alien that gives him a ring that allows him to harness the green power of will. The enemy is the yellow power of fear. Hal needs to come to terms with his fear in order for him to save the Earth and become a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job as Hal. It's almost like Reynolds was made to play superhero roles. This time around, he has some pretty good writing to back up his acting skills. Blake Lively played the love interest, Carol Ferris. She was OK but everything she said felt really forced and unnatural. I think my favorite character was Hal's best friend, Thomas, played by Taika Waititi. Not only does he have some of the best lines, the two actors make it look like they have been best friends behind the scenes for years.

I wish I could comment more on the graphics of the film. We do plan on seeing it again at some point though. Maybe then I'll be able to ooh and ahh. Until then, you should see it yourself. There are even a few hints to some other DC characters in there! See if you can spot them.