Movie review: Iron Man

My husband, my daughter and I went to see Iron Man on Saturday. At first, I was worried about whether or not my 6-year old would enjoy the movie. She liked Transformers but it was too loud for her and I was concerned that this movie would have the same problem. Luckily, it did not and she had a great time. For those of you that live under a rock, here is the basic plot. Tony Stark is the billionaire owner of Stark Industries, a company that mostly makes weapons for the United States government. He truly believes that his weapons are protecting people by removing terrorist threats. After a demonstration of one of his new technologies, his transport is attacked and he winds up being kidnapped. During his captivity, he finds out that his weapons are being used by the terrorists. The terrorists force him to replicate his newest weapon. Instead, he creates a huge iron suit so he can escape. Once he is back home, he tries his best to change his company into a more responsible entity. However, the board of directors overrules him and forces him into vigilantism. He creates a new, better robotic suit, transforming into the superhero, Iron Man.

In my opinion, the movie was wonderful. Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect choice to be Tony Stark. I even liked some of the small changes they made to the characters. Of course, there are some people that would nitpick at the choice of villain for the movie. On the contrary, I think that it was a really good decision since this movie needed to establish Tony Stark and his motives for becoming Iron Man. He isn't like Spiderman or Batman where most people are at least vaguely familiar with the character. There needed to be a villain that wouldn't overshadow the transformation of Tony Stark the businessman to Tony Stark the superhero.

I hope that everyone stayed to watch the scene after the credits. All I will say is that I am very excited for the future of the franchise and some of the other Marvel franchises.