Movie review: Wreck-It Ralph

My family has been looking forward to Wreck-It Ralph for a very long time. We wanted to see it so much that all three of us went to the late show on Saturday night. (Even my 10-year old daughter gets annoyed when kids talk through films.)

Wreck-It Ralph is a different type of video game movie. The main character, Ralph, is the villain in his video game. He destroys buildings a la Rampage while Fix-It Felix Jr, the hero, fixes the building and saves all the apartment dwellers. As such, the NPCs of the game love Felix and hate Ralph. But Ralph is unhappy with this situation. After all, he's a pretty nice guy. (In the game, he only destroys the building because the builders moved the stump where he lived to the local dump in order to build the apartment. This mad Ralph angry so he went all loco on them. To be honest, I don't blame him.) So he leaves his game in order to get a hero medal, which he believes will make the NPCs like him.

We all enjoyed the movie immensely. I thought it was awesome that each character moved the way they would in their video game. The NPCs of Fix-It Felix all do this little hop-walk when they move. These games are not only their jobs but their lives. This is how they live. I also really liked all of the cameos. My husband and I spent a bit of time trying to pick out everyone. I don't want to give away too much of the plot because everyone should go see this. Seriously. Stop reading and go.

As a bonus, I'll give you the theme song for one of the other games in the movie: Sugar Rush