Movie Stuff

On Sunday, the family went to the movies to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It wasn't an amazing film but it was pretty good. Though I'll admit that I had some problems with Sue's hair being too blonde and her eyes seemed weird too. I know Jessica Alba is wearing contacts but these contacts seemed different from the ones in the first film. The Silver Surfer was awesome. Overall, not a terrible movie. Last night, the husband and I saw Transformers. This movie was amazing. I think a lot of people were expecting too much from it though. The Transformers cartoon was made to sell toys. If you think that there is "more" to them, you are definitely looking for something that isn't there. The live-action movie (since there is a cartoon movie, I'll make the distinction) doesn't have any deep meanings hidden in the plot. Heck, the plot itself is pretty much "Find the cube before the bad guys." It has wonderful graphics, some really good acting and a great soundtrack. Despite what many people think, it's not going to "rape my childhood" and I wish people would stop using that phrase.