Music: Hangry & Angry - Top Secret

I fully admit that I loved Hangry & Angry from the very beginning. When they released their first album in November 2009, I was excited. However, I was also worried. Their mini-album was good, but would a full album still have the same sound and the same feel? They did not let me down.

The first single off the album is Top Secret. (See video above.) It is an absolutely amazing song. The techno background and the fairly pop vocal line comes together to sound a bit like a mash-up of two completely different songs. Yet it works. It definitely makes me long to hear more from the duo, which is the point of a single.

On top of that, the pair has a bit of a new look. It's sleeker than the look from Kiss Me Kill Me. Where the old was very punk, the new is very sexy. I love it! I can't wait to hear (and see) more from them.