Music review: Arashi - Yume De Ii Kara

Artist: Arashi (Sakurai Sho solo) Members: Ninomiya Kazunari (Nino), Ohno Satoshi (Leader), Matsumoto Jun (MatsuJun), Aiba Masaki, Sakurai Sho Album: One Release date: 8/3/05 Video link: On YouTube

English translation: (Oh) I see you Everyday in my dreams and I just wanna say It's ok as a dream, right C'mon yeah! S.H.O. What?! Yo, I need you girl! Yeah ha ha Check it out

Right now this relationship is ONE WAY If I wake from this dream it'll be OK (but in order to be okay) I need your love OH Go beyond this door (to be) as one with the one on my mind Anything and everything for you BABY A throbbing (heart)beat, let's make a promise This happiness I feel with you PLEASE BE MY LADY

Is this for real? Yeah, maybe it's just on a whim. It's fine if it's a lie, I'm already out of time Repeating words, even if I recall (them) I can't believe it after all

+ From between the clouds a brilliant light shines on me Little by little, I float up from the ground I spread my arms and fly into the sky as the town becomes smaller Look, I search for your smile, ah- it's all right even if it's a dream

I don't want to say something trite THE WAY I FEEL INSIDE This is not a dream, IT'S REAL Feelings that aren't lies, after L.O. (is) V.E. and you, together, MAKE A story If the light shines then there will be no confusion If time passes then I will mature THIS LOVE SONG IS FOR YOU Again in a daze (because of) you YOU ARE MY SUN AND MOON (on) this earth that we journey on

Were shall we go? Nothing comes to mind, anything is fine as long as I'm with her Please help this me who has fruitless feelings(2), what should I do?

Before being lost, before being tormented I'll show you the happiness i feel for you from my heart Don't forget these precious, precious feelings If I can touch your tears ah- it's all right even if it's a dream

(ad lib)

'It's not a dream,' to me, this is all I can say I've never had experience (of this sort before) moving forward, changing, the meaning of loving someone Am I able to find it?

+ repeat About the song: This is a sweet little love song. It almost sounds like it should be the theme song for some drama but it lacks the 'oomph' that drama theme songs tend to have. Sho is known more for his rapping in Arashi, yet this there is little rapping in this. What rapping exists in the song is very light and love-songish. If I was to compare this to an American release, it feels almost like a Boyz II Men song. However, Boyz II Men always felt like they were aiming for a "mature" audience whereas Arashi feels like they are aiming for teenage girls, which, most likely, they are. Yume De Ii Kara would be a good song for relaxing or snuggling with your significant other.